20. Sep, 2018

Devilman Volume 3 Devilman Apocalypse Download Torrent

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Fear runs rampant throughout Tokyo with the revelation that demons in fact exist amongst us. Paranoia and the darker side of humanity boils onto the streets as people turn on one another, ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)












































Fear runs rampant throughout Tokyo with the revelation that demons in fact exist amongst us. Paranoia and the darker side of humanity boils onto the streets as people turn on one another, suspecting that anyone could in fact be a demon hiding in human clothing. Amidst the growing tensions, tragedy strikes Akira causing his mind to snap, retreating into his subconscious, allowing his Devilish alter-ego Amon to break free from Akira's cage of flesh and wreak havoc on both human and demons alike. Apparently this third episode in the Devilman anime is a spin off of the manga comic or some-such, and some say that it doesn't really count as a sequel. But ya know the characters sure look the same and it clearly does continue the story and I have no trouble following it, despite the fact that this movie never got an English dub. What I do find very confusing however, is how it throws you right into a plot that's far ahead of what it left off with last time and doesn't explain a lot of things. Like how Akira is suddenly partnering up with what appears to be other human-demon hybrids like him, now when the hell did that happen!? And the Devilman form is so different from before, and most importantly why Ryo is an angel who is referred to as Satan!!! This time around they ramp up the gory action, and our ruthless anti-hero is more outrageously vicious than ever. It has quite a grim opening act, where everything seems to be going to hell as ordinary people begin to riot and grow mad with fear and paranoia after Ryo(?) declares publicly that demons do indeed exist hidden among mankind, and Miki and her little brother are murdered horribly and Akira arrives too late to save them, snaps, and kills the depraved mob and completely loses his humanity, allowing Amon, his demon half, to take control, not the human. The design of Amon is fantastic, he looks terrifying and just like the classic image of the red hot Devil himself! The bloodthirsty Amon destroys friend and foe alike, and after taking out the snake-haired leader of a demon army who demands his allegiance he confronts Satan himself, who commands that his inner humanity awaken, and then begins a truly brutal and awesome battle of epic proportions as Akira in his Devilman form fights Amon for control of his body and powers. It goes badly for Akira until a scene that I actually found very moving and kind of beautiful happens where he sees the spirit of Miki who gives him the strength to fight and destroy his evil counterpart for good! And then it has a good ending, but in a way it's also a disappointing one where Akira simply passes Satan by and they never actually have a battle. Perhaps they would have if they'd made more of these, but who knows? Some fans have an awesome theory that the anime Violence Jack is a continuation of Akira's story which I find a very neat idea, as I love that one as well! There aren't any real heroes in this story. Even the 'normal' humans are twisted and evil, and beg the question of who the real demons are! It's all over a bit too soon, but I find this to be a great third entry and it does offer a little finality for the series. I love 'em all, they're all well done and fun scary animations, thanks, see ya! Before any of you guys jumping to conclusions about how badly written or how graphic and disturbing this OVA is I want you guys to know this is not a stand alone OVA but in fact the next chapter of Devilman mini series from 1987.Put all that behind as a fan of the manga I dare to say Amon:Devilman Apocalypse is a much more interesting take of the final event in the manga cause this time I can actually see Amon fully out of Akira control after the death of Miki which I think a missed opportunity in the manga.I'm not exactly a fan of this version of ending or in the original but I understand why and respect that.


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